• Platinum


Under the Platinum name, The Belgian Bed offers you a superior mattress with a core built up from three types of pocket springs made of hardened carbon steel. High Touch pocket springs underneath the whole construction serve as a solid basis.


On top of that, a layer of Multi-Low® pocket springs with 2 separate HD® pocket-spring layers.


A layer of 650 g/m² black wool from the Zwartbles and Swifter sheep serves as the perfect natural pressure distributor between the underlying pocket springs and the ultimate comfort layer comes next. That is a 350 g/m² mixture of wool from the Texel and Merino sheep with Belgian flax.


Everything is finished with high-quality Belgian double jersey.


The characteristic side of the mattress contains a protective layer of fibre wadding and is finished with luxeriously stiched handles and air vents.


  • Belgian Double Jersey, 7-zone structure
  • Mixture of wool from Texel and Merino sheep with Belgian flax
  • Black wool from Zwartbles and Swifter sheep
  • 2 layers of HD® pocket springs
  • Multi-Low® pocket springs, 7-zone structure
  • High Touch pocket springs, 7-zone structure

In total 7653 pocket springs (in 160 x 200 cm size)
Total height: 33 cm

Combinaison comme illustré

  • Headboard: Argenteuil
  • Mattress: Platinum
  • Frame: Medium Base
  • Fabric: Facet Dark Brown
  • Leg set: Angle Bronze